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HAGAN - 4T - J

20W50 - SJ (JASO MA)

Hagan SJ (JASO MA-2) 20W-50 is an advanced four-stroke motorcycle engine oil. It helps in running, cleaning and protection of 4-stroke engines even in extreme operating conditions.

It is a premium 4-storke motorcycle engine oil developed from special high quality base stocks and premium additive package which helps in providing features to fulfill the important requirements of engine. It provides maximum frictional characteristics that are required for wet clutch engine.

20W50 - SJ (JASO MA)


Protect the Environment

Please always bring used oil back to an authorized collection point/dealer. Do not dispose into drains, soil or water.


We suggest to store all packages under cover/protected area. Products must never be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or extreme freezing temperatures.