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20W60 CF - 4/SL

Momin 20W60 is multi-grade engine oil formulated with basic oils of premium quality and excellent additives that provide good protection and performance. It helps in protection against the wear of valve train and helps in achieving greater intervals of oil drains and keeps the engine clean.

This oil is recommended for turbo-charged and non-turbo-charged engines operating under normal conditions and meets all current industry standard requirements of major engine manufacturers that suggest SAE 20W60 and API CF-4. It is recommended for old trucks and buses for effective lubrication in off-highway applications.

20W50 SG/CD


Protect the Environment

Please always bring used oil back to an authorized collection point/dealer. Do not dispose into drains, soil or water.


We suggest to store all packages under cover/protected area. Products must never be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or extreme freezing temperatures.