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15W40 - CI-4/SL

Momin -Hagan 15W40 - CI-4/SL is a heavy duty engine oil used in a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines which gives premium protection and helps in avoiding corrosion, oil thickening because of soot build up, deposits on piston, accumulation of sludge, oxidation and provides higher temperature stability. It is suitable for heavy duty trucking, mining, construction equipment and works effectively under extreme temperatures and climates.

It is developed for use in both turbocharged engines as well as diesel and gasoline engines. It is recommended for use in propane engines, gasoline, turbocharged or supercharged diesel engines. Hagan 15W40 – Cl-4/SL has been designed to meet the requirements Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) engines.

15W40 - CI-4/SL


Protect the Environment

Please always bring used oil back to an authorized collection point/dealer. Do not dispose into drains, soil or water.


We suggest to store all packages under cover/protected area. Products must never be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or extreme freezing temperatures.