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Momin - Hagan 0W-20 is premium synthetic oil that can help in protecting engine parts from problems related to lubricant failures for up to 7,000 km or up to your vehicle’s oil change interval, whichever takes more time and gives long life to the engine.  It gives excellent engine protection and more efficiency in fuel economy to keep your engine parts new. Hagan 0W-20 surpasses the requirements of toughest industry standards and performs in the best manner.

It is developed with a mixture of extreme performing synthetic base stocks strengthened with a balanced component additive system. It’s low viscosity and synthetic formula facilitates in increased engine efficiency and better fuel economy while giving excellent protection of engine. It is suitable for cars where this viscosity is recommended and for cold conditions for helping in quick starts and lubrication. It is not suitable for 2-Cycle or aviation engines.

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Protect the Environment

Please always bring used oil back to an authorized collection point/dealer. Do not dispose into drains, soil or water.


We suggest to store all packages under cover/protected area. Products must never be stored above 60°C, exposed to hot sun or extreme freezing temperatures.