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Momin Oil

Who are we?

Momin is a leading group of companies based in Afghanistan and was founded in 1910 by our honored founder late Haji Momin as a trading company dealing with dry fruits, spices, tea and textile. Momin Oil Industry was established later in 1994 which is a state of the art refinery for edible oil based in Dubai.Over the years the operations of the Momin group have expanded having offices in Pakistan, Malaysia and Dubai. Currently our products are being exported to all over Middle East, GCC countries, South-east Asia, Africa and CIC countries.

In the last few years Momin group has diversified its business and has grown in the lubricant industry and started its operations in Dubai by the name of Momin Oil. We manufacture and distribute our lubricant oil and products in Asia and as well as globally, which makes us one of the leading groups in the lubricant industry in this region.

Vision Statement

We aim to become the most preferred choice and quality providers of lubricant oil products globally.

Mission Statement

Momin Oil believes on three principles which we think are mandatory for us to grow which are; people, quality and commitment.


We believe that our employees are more important to us than our customers. Why? Because we think that if employees are happy and motivated then they will be able to give their best and deliver the best output required to achieve the best quality in our products, which will eventually help us to deliver the best to our respected consumers and in return gain their trust, satisfaction and happiness. So for that we maintain a very friendly and a supportive corporate environment for our employees and we believe in employee development because a happy employee means a happy customer. If we summarize, it is obvious that employee development is very important that helps us to achieve and grow our customer base by providing them the best quality products which brings us to our second principle.


In this era if a company claims to have quality products and fails to deliver according to their claim, then that means there is no growth for them, especially in this time of information technology and social media there is a very fast pace of information sharing which is crucial for a company to maintain their quality standards and deliver in accordance with their claim. Therefore, we as a company strongly believe in delivering the best quality products to our customers in order to provide them best possible experience and satisfaction with our products. Because a good quality product results in a returning customer and one of the Momin Oil’s main focus is delivering the best quality products through its state of the art machinery and plants and most importantly our respected workforce.


Our team strongly believes in commitment, because a company can achieve its vision only by being focused and committed to their future goals. So, the Momin Oil’s staff works with full commitment in delivering good quality products and achieving customer satisfaction. We truly believe that by training and motivating our employees to be committed and honest with their responsibilities, the desired results can be achieved.